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Can we re use the cup?

Yes, Teasense cups can be reused unto 3-5 times depending upon your flavour liking. If you like your tea to be strong throughout 3 is a recommended number. If you like your tea mild you can use unto 5 times.

Does tea contain caffeine?

 Yes, tea (black, green and oolong) does contain caffeine, but at lower levels than other beverages like coffee. For example, a cup of black tea has about a quarter the caffeine of a cup of coffee, on average.

Does tea contain calories?

No, tea alone does not contain any calorie.

Does tea contain gluten?

No, tea alone does not contain gluten.

Does Teasense donate to charitable causes?

Yes, Teasense is proud to be a part of Teasense donated its 1%of revenue towards the plantation of trees every month.

Are Teasense’s teas vegetarian?

All of our teas are vegetarian.

What is the shelf life of your teasense cup?

Teasense cups: 2 yearsTo keep your teasense cups as fresh as possible, all cups should be kept away from direct light, moisture and air, the best storage would be inside a closed cabinet.

Always keep the cups covered!